Yul Brynner’s Sauteed Broccoli


My lovely penpal Margie in Atlanta mentioned ages ago that she’d spotted a Yul Brynner cookbook and I’m not sure why I didn’t get on the ebay machine immediately and buy one.  No matter, his card was picked from the pack for recipe of the month for August so I pressed the buy button last [...]

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Book Test Cook 23a – Clark Gable’s Venison Caledonian Style


Hereby follows a salutary tale.  Battenburg Belle has told me that we must admit to our failures as well as our successes so here goes. So I bought all the gubbins for Clark’s dish including a LOT of expensive venison.  Made the marinade including some red wine that was gifted to Mr R by Chloe [...]

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Madeleine Carroll’s Sauternes Punch


I made a lovely boozy batch of this for the Naughty Habits Strolling Supper Club that Battenburg Belle and I collaborated on a few weeks ago.  It was wonderful evening and BB has written about it more eloquently than I can over here. The punch was a big hit.  In the end I used half [...]

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Ina Claire’s Salad Dressing Claire


Salad season is upon us.  I’m trying to be healthy this week as I’ve been boozing it up and not eating particularly well.  So today I bought loads of saladings (as they call them at the Muswell Hill Horticultural Society) and made a lovely fresh salad for my tea.  But for me, it’s not a [...]

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Vincent Price’s Tarte Aux Framboises – First Prize!


I was thrilled to get a first prize for my Vincent Price Raspberry Tart.  I made it exactly to Vincent’s instructions in the “Treasury”.  The only thing I did differently was to use cherry brandy rather than raspberry liqueur as I’d bunged all of that in my Madeleine Carroll punch.  Mmmmm. I was so pleased [...]

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Alice Gordon’s Gooseberry Jam – 2nd Prize!


I love goosegogs so when I spotted this recipe for jam I decided it could be a contender for the Muswell Hill Horticultural Society Summer Show.  There are only 5 categories in the cookery section in the Summer show, unlike the Spring show which has approximately 1000.  Well, it feels like it anyhow!  Despite this, [...]

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Vincent Price’s Blueberry Muffins – 3rd Prize!

vincent 1

The results of the Muswell Hill Horticultural Society Summer Show Cookery Classes are IN.  I was awarded one FIRST, one SECOND and one THIRD.  Third was for my Vincent Price Blueberry Muffins.  Read all about them and get the recipe here…                  

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James Garner’s Chilli / Chili / Chile

james garner drinking

James Garner’s Chilli is the BEST chilli I’ve ever eaten – out or in.  It’s the kind of chilli you eat a big bowl of, and then you sneak back to the saucepan when nobody is looking, and get another bowlful.  I’ve had it with rice and I’ve had it “Columbo style” with crackers.  It’s [...]

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Book Test Cook 27 – Diana Dors’ Easy Fruit Cake

Diana Dors red

Oh the shame of it, like a stake through the heart.  The judges at the Muswell Hill Horticultural Society Spring Show thought my fruit cake was “very tasty but just a little dry”.  Oof!  This post is therefore a note to self about what might have caused this.  For the recipe is destined for the [...]

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Vincent Price’s Blueberry Muffins


Happy National Blueberry Muffin Day!  The first of my monthly columns on the lovely Eat Drink Films website is up!  Isn’t it lovely? Vincent Price Blueberry Muffins Here’s some I made earlier… Thanks Vincent!                

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Recipe of the Month – James Mason’s Plum Jam


Do you have a “to-do” list?  Is it massive?  Is there something on there that doesn’t get done, for months and months and months? I’m going to try and make my to-do list more like Johnny Cash’s… For me, the thing that’s been hanging around on the to-do list for far too long is sending [...]

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Vincent Price’s Quiche Lorraine


Want to hear the most exciting news EVER?  There is going to be a 50th Anniversary Edition of Mary and Vincent Price’s “A Treasury of Great Recipes”.  Pass me the smelling salts! Yinzerella over at Dinner is Served alerted me to this, and sent me over me to a fabulous new website called Cooking With [...]

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First Annual Pieathalon – Mile High Lemon Chiffon Pie


Call the exaggeration police!  This Mile High Lemon Chiffon Pie should be renamed the One Inch High Lemon Chiffon Pie.  I was sooooooo excited to get my recipe for the first annual Pieathalon, organised by my cyberchum Yinzerella over at Dinner Is Served 1972.  People all around the world sent recipes to Yinzerella and she [...]

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The Shellac Sisters at Glastonbury


It’s official!  The Shellac Sisters smashed it at Glastonbury!  Armed with four gramophones and six boxes of 78rpms we trotted down to the Glade each day for 3pm to charm festival-goers with our old-skool tunes.  They loved us!  Highlights for me were: 1 – first sight of our wonderful venue – a beautiful bandstand called [...]

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With My Shellac Sisters Hat On – Glastonbury Festival Alert!

shellac sisters

I’m going to be DJing with The Shellac Sisters at Glastonbury Festival.  No kidding.  Come on down and see us if you are so inclined!  We’ll be taking four 1920s wind up gramophones and four hundred weight of 78rpm records…. Normal service will be resumed when I return…               [...]

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