Adolphe Menjou’s Venetian Spiced Cheese version 3

Adolphe’s spicy cheese is becoming quite a house speciality. Grace requested it for our Christmas shindig it so it was rustled up. How she manages to make two types of potato salad, some mackerel pate and a bundle of cheese & chorizo puffs in the same amount of time it takes me to mash up some cream cheese I will never know. However, when I overheared William saying, “these are the most delicious things ever” about my Venetian Cheese stuffed Pepperdews I was full of foolish pride.

It was party night at number 43 yesterday and it was a lovely festive occasion. Everyone did a party piece and much fun was had. I gave gifts of Bette Davis Mamalade to Myrna & William, the Stockabilly and Dick. Even though beautifully wrapped in tissue paper nobody was fooled. “Is it a jar of jam?” two of them asked immediately. Well yes, sort of…

The year is drawing to a close and to paraphrase Julian Maclaren-Ross it was a year I could have well done without. Well, the job stuff and the men stuff I could have done without. Everything else has been fabulous. Still, good things ahead in 2008. A new job from the 6th Jan and a clear slate man wise. Oh, apart from the cabbie who lives up the road…

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