Agnes Ayres’ Chocolate Mousse

I am halfway through a batch of chocolate mousse and am trying to make a little film demonstration showing how it is done to include in the next newsletter.  LORD my face is lopsided, I never realised!  It’s something to do with seeing yourself on video rather than in the mirror – we are so used to seeing our face the opposite way round in the mirror that when we see it the right way round it looks all wonky.  Mad, but I must ignore the fact that I look like a crazy woman otherwise I’ll never follow this idea through…

It’s a busy, busy Sunday.  So many chores to do and a DATE tonight.  Mr Patrick Hamilton has invited me out to dinner.  How lovely.  I am quite excited and it’s a novel feeling to be looking forward to a date rather than dreading it.

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  1. Moya 16 Jan, 2011 at 11:20 pm #

    Good luck on the date! I hope you have a wonderful time and that it goes swimmingly. Dates are so often something to dread rather than enjoy so I’m pleased this is one of the rare pleasurable ones. I hope the dinner is tasty too.

    Looking forward to seeing the video. For the record, your face is far from lopsided–I think we all feel that weird disconnect when we watch ourselves in motion–esp. when we speak. Enjoy the chocolate mousse! Have you finished the cassoulet yet?

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