The Charlie Chaplin Cocktail

On Sunday a fabulous new cocktail recipe arrived from my lovely chum in Athens, Georgia – fellow film archivist Margie Clark.  It was superb timing as Mr R was hot footing it over for Vincent Price Toad in the Hole after doing his radio show so I rustled up a pair of these to whet the appetite upon his arrival.

Margie found the recipe here – Forgotten Bookmarks – which is an absolutely fantastic website which I heartily recommend.  It was a double joy to get this link as I remember looking at that website many moons ago and then couldn’t remember what it was called.  Many a happy moment has been spent perusing the lovely things discovered that have been tucked into second hand books and forgotten about….

On further research Margie found the recipe here too – Charlie Chaplin Cocktail – which seems as though it might be truer to the original as the bookmark version seems to have been passed on by Art Rose’s Father-in-Law whoever he might be…

Will report on the Toad in the Hole and the rest of Vincent’s birthday celebration dishes when I have a moment.  Life is super busy but all in the very best ways…


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