As Chief Executive of Silver Screen Suppers I have made an executive decision.  No newsletter this month and therefore no new recipe of the month.  So Basil’s curry is up for another month – yipee!  Life is just too crazy in December with birthdays, Christmas, end of year work targets etc. etc. etc.

This means that the recipe I was going to send out for this fab Christmas pudding will be in my pocket for this time next year.  I have never in my entire life been so ahead of the game.  Of course, if you would like the recipe – as with all the recipes I post about – don’t hesitate to email me via the contact page.

Of all the film star cookbooks I own, Corinne’s has the best title.  It is a lovely little book, and has lots of great recipes including a Greta Garbo one for Swedish Potatoes which I really want to try.  Gotta get me some Crème de Bananes whatever that might be.

When I was thinking about what to suggest for December’s recipe of the month I found this amongst Corinne’s recipes.  I don’t know much about Edna – her surname was Bakewell aptly enough though, and she lived in Rancho Santa Fe, California.  Her pudding is VERY good.

It’s a light steamed pudding with no heavy dried fruit within and no booze either.  A sponge pudding spiced up with cherry jam and walnuts.  It’s a great alternative pudding to make for the festive season, highly recommended.  I REALLY liked it.  I used a whole jar of Tiptree jam.

I made it when Michelle and Tony came for din dins to test it. Too early for holly so I popped on some mistletoe (it’s plastic) some kissing ensued of course.

This is a Christmas pudding for those people who say “I don’t like Christmas pudding”.  You can always pull the wool over their eyes by calling it a Cherry and Walnut Steamed Pudding.  Here’s the kind of Christmas I am planning…

Thanks Edna and Corinne – your pud is delicious.  Wishing all my readers a FANTASTIC Christmas if I don’t post again before it all kicks off.  Hope all you ladies get your legs kissed!  And hope all you gents have some fun kissing ladies’ legs.

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