Dorothy Lamour’s Strawberry Ice Cream

‘Ave a banana!  I am still singing “A Sweater, A Sarong and a Peekaboo Bang” after a lovely evening at Matthew and Angela’s house for dinner on Friday.  We watched this classic ditty performed by Paulette Goddard, Dorothy Lamour and Veronica Lake as we scoffed some of Dorothy’s ice-cream.  I still marvel at how delicious and EASY this recipe is.  Even though it is twenty past ten in the morning I fancy some right now.

There was much talk of the forthcoming nuptials and I am probably as excited as the bride and groom.  Apparently there will be a 1930s car driven by a woman in 30s garb taking us to the venue.  Lucky me, as DJ I get to travel with the bridesmaids.  I can’t wait!

I’ve been a bit distracted this month by the dating game.  After a month on Guardian Soulmates and two blind dates I’ve decided to take myself off the market for a while.  I shall concentrate on the more important things in life – like cooking!  There are still lots of Joan Crawford recipes to do before I can get the special Silver Screen Suppers Christmas gifts ready…

2 Responses to Dorothy Lamour’s Strawberry Ice Cream

  1. Matthew Coniam 10 Oct, 2010 at 4:52 pm #

    So glad you enjoyed yourself!
    I was worried that, having invited you round on the pretext of watching a movie, we proceeded instead to bore you to death with a lot of wedding talk…
    At least you got to see Dottie, Paulette and Ronnie, and to discover that a cat laps milk by curling his tongue backwards, not forwards.
    Thanks for the ice cream, and see you at the wedding!

  2. Jenny 10 Oct, 2010 at 11:58 pm #

    Fortsooth, no! I enjoyed every minute and am definitely in the mode of going with the flow. I am sure I will see that party on a zeppelin sometime. Maybe at a baked potato party! I was so drunk that I forgot all about that incredible Pete Smith short – remarkable. I now feel like sharing with EVERYONE what I have seen in slow motion. Also, I keep thinking about that fish of yours. What a BEAUTY! AND I have trimmed my orchid as per Angela’s recommendations. Finger crossed…

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