I had intended on making this for the James Dean birthday dinner I made with my chum Greg of Recipes For Rebels. 

Time got the better of me though, so I made it instead when the lovely Battenburgbelle came over for tea a couple of weeks ago. BB is without a doubt, the best cook I know. She cooks a lot for me, but I don’t often get to cook for her. The last time this happened the dinner was atrocious (Jane Fonda Lasagne)

FLOURO Fonda Lasagne

So this time I wanted to make something good but also, I knew that BB is an expert on making delicious salads so I was pleased to have her alongside for my journey into the world of the Caesar. She is a very wise woman in a fluffy pink coat…

We did not understand Grace’s method of coddling an egg, but we gave it a good go.

BB set about the dressing with VIGOUR.

The salad was utterly delicious!

We had the salad alongside a pizza made to a recipe from The Crossroads Cookbook, but that is a story for another day…

I have since learned more about egg coddling thanks to the spectacular Ruth Roman (Ruth boils her egg for 60 seconds. no more).

Post about HER Caesar Salad coming up soon. Until then, here’s the way Grace makes hers… If you don’t have a copy of Greg Swenson’s Recipes for Rebels book, from where this is PINCHED, do get yourself a copy, it’s ace.

A Caesar Salad fit for a Princess!

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