Test Cook’s Report – Peter Falk’s Avocado

 My fellow Shellac Sister Lady Jane is well known for being averse to cooking.  But she stepped right up to the plate to test this recipe for the Columbo cookbook.  Admittedly, there isn’t really any cooking involved, but when you are a LADY, this is all to the good.  Mind you, even though she is a Lady, she’s probably the most mischievous of the Shellac Sisters.  Here we are on a big swing after a very fancy gig at a mansion in Somerset – LJ on the left, me on the right.

Here’s the “recipe.” 

Peter Falk liked his avocado sprinkled with lime or lemon juice, freshly ground pepper, and a few tablespoons of bottled French dressing or vinaigrette sauce.  

Lady Jane approached the task with vigour and a rather fetching juicer…

I was very impressed that she made her own vinaigrette, although she did admit that this was only because “there was a small crisis when I checked the fridge and realised that there was no French dressing or vinaigrette sauce.  I had to use the Google and make my own!! ”

Thank GOD for Google.

Lady Jane is so stylish in everything she does so it didn’t surprise me that her avocado looked like it had been served up in the poshest restaurant in Hastings:

In fact, her house IS the poshest restaurant in Hastings as her other half Trix DOES like cooking, and is very good at it.  I am very pleased to say that myself and Mr Rathbone will be dining there next week.  Goody.  I am very much looking forward to having Tia burst through the door of the smallest room whenever I am sitting on the carsey as she likes to do…  Check out her giving Lady Jane the stink-eye!

Lady Jane is a very talented milliner who teaches techniques for using fish leather (yes, you read that right, fish leather) all over the world.  Here’s one of her hats…

Beautiful pic by Katya de Grunwald who is also testing a recipe for me…

I am very proud of Lady Jane.  Not least because once, when we did a gramophone gig for the lovely ladies of the WI many moons ago, she was just starting to think about teaching.  I gave her lots of pep-talking and persuaded her to ask if she could sit in on a craft class with me for inspiration.  I just KNEW she would be a brilliant teacher and all her students now think so too. She’s teaching at Central Saint Martins now for goodness’ sake!  You can see what Jane is up to via her Facebook page – Jane Fryers Millinery

Here I am modelling one of Jane’s hats, with her looking like butter wouldn’t melt…

I seem to remember some kind of mischief going on very soon after this photo was taken and all the guests went off to eat…

Lady Jane has actually been in the kitchen TWICE lately and there will be a report on her rustling up of a Janet Leigh Soufflé soon.  I loved the fact that LJ had a solo viewing of a Columbo recipe to work up an appetite for her avocado!  She says: “As I’d bought a double DVD to watch Forgotten Lady for my Janet Leigh recipe, I preceded my Avocado extravaganza by watching A Case of Immunity.  It was fabulous!  The long-suffering (but obviously guilty) Hassan Salah (played by Hector Elizondo) was hilarious and I’m afraid I laughed out loud when Columbo trod on his traditional robe for the second time!!”

That bit always cracks me up too.  Hector was not amused…

Thank you so much, Lady Jane, you now have another recipe in your repertoire thanks to Columbo!

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