Peter Lorre’s Pork Chops and Scalloped Potatoes

You know when you walk from your kitchen to your bedroom to go and get something, and when you get to your bedroom you’ve forgotten what you went there for?  I felt a bit like this about Peter’s Pork Chops.  I made them ages ago, and forgot to write about them.  Then I found a couple of frozen portions and had them when Mr Rathbone came over one Friday night.  We scoffed them with some green beans, but do you think I could remember anything about them when I sat down to write?  No, I couldn’t!  


But today, I stumbled upon a piece of paper with a few scribbled notes on.  Apparently, I had said: “potatoes have a slightly porky flavour” and Mr R had said: “serve with mustard, gives pork a lift!”  Also (and I do actually remember saying this) on the way home from the traditional couple of pints in Quinns after work on a Friday, coming up my four flights of stairs, in anticipation of Peter’s dish I said: “all I need is a pee, a beer and a chop!”

Stop press: just asked Mr R: “Do you remember anything about Peter Lorre’s Pork Chops?”  His reply, quick as a flash and with emphasis: “They were NICE.”  So there you go!



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