Roy Rogers’ Corn Fritters

I know I should really have a picture of Roy with TRIGGER but I just couldn’t resist this jigsaw puzzle picture with puppies. Also, as it was almost certainly always his cowgirl co-star and wife Dale Evans who made the fritters there should probably be a picture of HER here. I bet my Texas buddy will have an official Dale Evans recipe or two in her collection though, so until then…

Last night Paulette came over with new improved husband and joined me and Nazimova for corney fritters. The wine flowed freely and conversation ditto. I didn’t think much of the fritters though. Naz suggested serving them with a nice spicy salsa next time which would certainly perk them up a bit.

The new improved husband bought Millionaire’s Shortbread that he had made on daddy-daughter day. Is this the same man who used to bark “While you’re up…” at any passers by who might be persuaded to bring him a beer? Paulette has worked wonders…

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