Vincent Price’s Genoa Pizza

Have you ever had haggis on a pizza?  I did on Burns Night and it was DELICIOUS!  It was my chum Nathan who came up with this idea and he guided me through the process at a pizza extravaganza for 6 at Silver Screen Suppers Towers on Burns’s birthday.

Whisky sauce made to this recipe, haggis, cheddar cheese and parsley.  Really, really good.


I’m going to write more about the other pizzas I made in the next post as I made one to Sophia Loren’s recipe too.  But Vincent’s was naturally a hit with all my chums, and it went like this…

Pizza dough brushed with olive oil, tomato sauce (I made a massive batch in my slow cooker to this recipe and it was really, really good pizza sauce), thinly sliced salami cut into julienne strips, mozzarella.


Thanks Vincent, this may sound weird but it never crossed my mind to put salami on a pizza… 


I am slightly cross with myself this evening for yet again leaving something to the last minute.  Yinzerella from  Dinner is Served 1972 tipped me off ages ago that the McRib was coming to London.  I’ve been planning to try one as she RAVES about them and would you believe it, TODAY was the last day I could get me one.  I was already almost at Muswell Hill Broadway when I found out it was almost over, and their aint no golden arches where I live.  Grrrrrrrrrr!  I even took a photo of this on the side of a bus stop in Archway a couple of weeks ago, I was so excited…   I will get me one IMMEDIATELY they return to the smoke.  I’m guessing I’ll have to wait 11 months…


3 Responses to Vincent Price’s Genoa Pizza

  1. Mim 6 Feb, 2015 at 10:50 am #

    I love salami on a pizza – salami, olives and capers is fantastic. Clearly Vincent is a man of good taste.

    • Jenny 7 Feb, 2015 at 6:53 am #

      Everything I have ever made to a Vincent Price recipe has been utterly brilliant! Well, there was one fail, a birthday cake I made for my chum Cathy. But that was me, I’m sure, not Vincent!

      I love the sound of salami, olives and capers together. I am SO HAPPY that I have so many little packages of pizza dough in my freezer….

      Thanks for stopping by. I just nipped over to your blog, lovely stuff. I am stalking you now…

  2. Moya 23 Feb, 2015 at 1:55 pm #

    I’d avoid anything from MacDonalds–eat lovely Vincent recipes. From what I hear, the MacRib is its own special kind of vile. Your pizza looks amazing but I’m not sure I could handle the haggis. That’s why I’m not a food writer!

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