The August recipe is up and it’s absolutely delicious.  One of those dishes that whenever I think about it I start licking my lips and thinking, I must make that again.  I loved it.  It is here if you are checking in August 2014 – if at any other time in the future, you’ll get a SURPRISE recipe of the month!


The lovely Charlie has updated my website to the new version of WordPress and I’m getting all kinds of amusement out of it.  Firstly, I’ve had my first set of stats for the site that I’ve seen for years.  Amazed to see that the star that most people find the site through searching for, is Elizabeth Taylor.  She IS one of my favourites but I’m surprised.  Also Charlie says that I have an average of 4000 visits to the site every day.  From who?!  I suspect that many of these are from robots, like the Robot Gunslinger in my favourite Yul movie, Westworld.

Robot Gunslinger

There  is a new feature where I see visitors are prompted to follow links to other Silver Screen Suppers posts by the Amazonianesque “you may also like”.  It tickles me that for Yul Brynner’s Beef with Basil on the Recipe of the Month page, one of the suggestions is my post about Roland Young Rissoles.  Why this one?  Roland is as confused about it as I am…

ronaldIf you try Yul’s beef dish, do drop me a line saying how it turned out via the Contact Me page…

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