I am recovering from a fantastic night at Fluffy Logic.  What a crazy lovely fluffy bouncy night it was.  Mr H couldn’t make it after all and I briefly wondered if I should go on my own as I wouldn’t really know anyone but it’s the kind of place where that really doesn’t matter.

The Diddlee Tea Room looked just beautiful and the fibre optic trees were divine.  I chatted a bit with Simon and Megan but mostly danced on my own to bouncy house and swerved to avoid the large amount of predatory men around the place.  The venue  is usually host to quite a different kind of night and there were a lot of men on the prowl.   It was a really crazy – but wonderful – mixture of young groovers and club regulars looking for some fun.  A guy who hadn’t spoken a word to me suddenly started stroking my back in one of the dark rooms.  I just turned towards him and wagged my finger and he stopped – ha ha!  Someone else made a beeline for me on the dance floor and said, “I like your dress!”  As his face had been painted like a rabbit and he was wearing white rabbit ears I just said, “I like your ears!” and we had a little dance and he went away again. I sure missed having Mr H there wearing a leafy necklace…

Today I am going to take it easy.  It’s noon now and I’m going to make some of Alan’s potato pancakes with a fried egg on top for my hangover cure.  Yum yum, then this afternoon I am going to watch Shane.  Bliss!

PS – they were yummy – and here is a picture.

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