“Time scoots along pretty fast when you grow up.”

Another suitcase in another hall… I am back in the Crouch and hopefully for a while this time around. This moving around business is getting a little tiresome. At least nobody here minds me wearing a tiara while I am blogging though…

On Friday Louise made Alan’s Potato Pancakes for the book group and they were enjoyed by one and all. Quite, quite delicious – especially with Moroccan spiced salmon. Yum. There was much to talk about around the table and we eventually got on to the book at around 10.40pm. Paulette’s husband Ivor keeps saying we can’t really call it a book group as we never talk about the book. But I say phooey to that, we have too many other things to discuss.

Next up is “Me Cheeta” and it will be my turn to host. Where? Who knows. I do know one thing though, it will be a Tarzan and Jane themed night which will feature Johnny’s Weismuller’s Rhubarb Pie and Maureen O’Sullivan’s Bridge Cakes.

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