Ah, Mr. Hitchock. There is much debate about this quiche recipe. Hitch famously disliked eggs, but what is a quiche lorraine without eggs? Um, ham and some milk in a pastry case? 

Methinks perhaps it was raw eggs that gave him the heeby-jeebies but he liked them when cooked up like this.

I expect it was Alma who rustled up this quiche rather than Hitch himself…

When I spotted a teaser in last month’s Delicious Magazine that Kay & Fred’s Movie Night would feature this recipe, I was hoping the film suggestion would be Strangers on A Train, my favourite Hitchock.  

Me, pretending to be Hitch

I’d forgotten that a quiche actually features in To Catch a Thief so it’s a perfect match!

I love Cary Grant’s balcony spot for al fresco dining in this movie. He’s a perfect host, plying his guest with booze and quiche made by his housekeeper.

I’ve tackled this recipe before, once serving it up on a very memorable day in Gaby & Paul’s garden at the seaside in Westcliff.  I miss those guys…

Everyone loves a homemade quiche I find…  My chums at work loved this one, although I have to admit, if it is quiche I am craving, I do have a special place in my heart for Anne Baxter’s Genuine Swiss Quiche. It’s a prize-winner!

Hitch’s recipe appears in 5 different recipe collections here at Silver Screen Suppers Towers, this one is the prettiest. I love the illustrations in this book, published in 1958. Interestingly, this version contains Swiss cheese, Kay’s version in Delicious was cheese-free…

And here is my chum Nathalie, cooking up Hitch’s quiche in a lovely video.

I served the quiche to me, myself and I with a Grace Kelly Caesar Salad – what else?!

Next month’s Delicious Magazine hasn’t flopped through the letterbox yet, but I know what the movie is because a hint was dropped about Sugarpuss O’Shea. I cannot wait!

Thanks Kay & Fred for another great movie and dinner combo and thanks Hitch for getting over your egg-fear to give this recipe out willy-nilly as a favourite…

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