Had a wonderful time in Stroud last weekend, staying with my gorgeous chums Gary and Colin.  Gary is the BEST COOK and he cooked three incredible meals for us, such a treat to be cooked for…  On Saturday night I was sous-chef as the King of Canapés prepared these gorgeous extravaganzas…


Mmmmmm – scrumptious.

We left with two beautiful lettuces and a big bunch of rhubarb from the garden.  


The lettuces have been scoffed, mostly accompanied by Deanna Durbin’s Santa Monica Dressing and I rustled the rhubarb up into a strudel – but not as we know it.


It’s been a while since I made something WEIRD for the Silver Screen Suppers project, but I hereby present to you, Allen Jenkins’ recipe for Rhubarb Strudel…

Allen Jenkins' Rhubarb Strudel

Basically, cornflakes, rhubarb, sugar, orange juice and orange peel, layered and baked.  Well, I have quite a lot of bran flakes left over from the Diana Dors’ Breakfast Crunch recipe so I decided to use these rather than buy some cornflakes…  

And how did it turn out?  Well, not very photogenic, but actually very tasty.


I’m not sure I would make this as a dessert to serve to guests, but as it involves cornflakes / bran flakes, it’s pretty good for an unusual breakfast I think…

Thanks Allen, mad recipe but good!  And what else is mad?  This photo features Allen’s cat Smiley who spent a night in jail after the pair of them were arrested for drunk driving.  Allen claimed it was the cat, rather than he, at the wheel.  How do I know this?  Thanks to a great new discovery – www.cinemacats.com – brilliant!



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