It’s been a while since I cooked something a bit weird.  So I thought it was about time.  I had 600g of my beautiful ham left over and as it has been in the fridge for a few days I wanted to do something with it.  When I spotted a recipe combining ham and brussels sprouts I knew it was the one…

I like the fact that Andy is very specific about the number of mushrooms and the number of brussels.

I was very pleased to get THREE in the portion I had last night.  But the burning question is this.  I have effectively cooked that ham twice.  Is it OK to freeze portions of this and then reheat?

I am starting to fret slightly about freezing things.  After my jam jar purge I am revving up for a freezer purge.  I know there is some Roland Young Ronald Rissoles in there.  These must date from January 2011 because according to the blog that’s the last time I made them.  Rereading that blog entry really made me laugh, it’s very true – everyone should have Gaby in their life and I am very excited to be seeing her and the lovely Lucy next week.

Gaby in the middle

Lucy sporting the collander

Those were the days!

The casserole was very tasty.  I liked it – even the mushrooms.  Well I kind of liked the taste of the mushrooms (I used chestnut ones) but I’m still a bit freaked by the texture.  I still put in the ‘shrooms though if the star’s recipe specifies them.  It’s easy, it’s tasty but be warned, lots of washing up!

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