On Sunday I am planning to live a whole day like Angela Lansbury. I am going to follow her guide to healthy eating…

and I am going to do the Positive Moves workout…

Then in the evening I am going to watch Who Threw the Barbitals in Mrs. Fletcher’s Chowder? because I’ll be writing about it for the…

I am stupidly excited about living my life like Angela Lansbury for ONE WHOLE DAY.

I predict I will feel like a million dollars after such a wholesome day.

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So on Tuesday night as the snow dumped it down on Muswell Hill

I made Angela’s soup in readiness for Sunday. I had some for my din-dins and have frozen lots of portions in my newly Kondo-d freezer. Yes, the frozen archives have been given the Marie Kondo treatment. Here’s a glimpse of drawer 2 of four…

Stacking Kondo style! There is some Glen Campbell’s Chorizo with Chickpeas and Rice in there, some Bette Davis’ Baked Beans and a nice chunk of Robert Quarry’s Cajun Meatloaf

I am not jumping on the KonMari bandwagon by the way. Regular readers will know that I have been trying to Kondo my flat since 2015. I have just made myself laugh by checking when I first wrote about this process. On 9th January 2015 my blog post begins: “My life has been changed forever by this book, I hope…”

Well, yes. It has. But SLOWLY. My flat is still a huge chaotic mess four years later but my sock drawer is tidy at least.

Not a staged photo – for reals!

So without further ado, here is Angela’s lovely recipe for soup with a few pix of the process.

I relied on Mr. Ocado and Mr. Sainsbury for these veggies rather than my garden. Everything in Angela’s recipe except parsley which I forgot…
Potatoes and onions already cooking…
You need a pretty big vessel for this, I used the
Le Creuset my mum gave me which was perfect
Pic incorporating my new kettle for scale
Ta da! Slightly pimped with a few toasted seeds. It was DELICIOUS!
Find your elixir with Angela’s Garden Vegetable Soup

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