The minute lockdown in London is lifted and I can leave my flat I am going straight to Cabot Cove, Maine.  I will send you a postcard…

OK, I know Cabot Cove doesn’t exist, but why not use our imaginations to travel?  The idea of going anywhere other than the postbox round the corner seems like science fiction at the moment.

My entire world January 2021

So for the Home, Sweet Home blogathon

I have decided to visit the cosiest and most welcoming place that I have the power in me to imagine, and that is Jessica Fletcher’s kitchen.  I want to become one of J.B.’s bosom buddies and sit at her circular pine table, with or without the gingham tablecloth.  I don’t care what Jessica is doing, whether she is solving crime, writing about crime, cooking for friends or baking bread, I just want to be there with her.  I will be her imaginary friend just basking in her wonderfulness…

Ah Jessica, you sure know how to live your life and you are an inspiration to us all.

I imagine that Angela Lansbury’s kitchen is just as welcoming and cosy as J.B.’s.  If you wish to channel a bit of Dame Angela’s energy in your own kitchen you might want to try one of her favourite things to make.  Click on the links below for each recipe.

Very soon I’ll be posting up a video demo of the making of an Angela Lansbury’s “Jessica’s Cheesecake.”  I had a HOOT making this on Zoom with the genius behind Solve-Along-A-Murder-She-Wrote events TIM BENZIE so keep your eyes peeled for that post, coming soooooooon!

Angela Lansbury’s “Jessica’s” Cheesecake

Angela Lansbury’s Angel Hair Pasta With Fresh Summer Tomatoes

Haha, Tim from Solve-Along-a-Murder-She-Wrote was the test cook for this

Angela Lansbury’s Cottage Pie

Me in a kitchen which is not my own, imagine!

Angela Lansbury’s Mustard Vinaigrette

Angela Lansbury’s Kitchen Sink Salad

Angela Lansbury’s Garden Vegetable Soup

Angela Lansbury’s Angie’s Power Loaf

If you, like me, are spending most of your evenings in your very own kitchen, why not test cook something for the forthcoming Murder, She Cooked cookbook?  Skip over here for the list of what is up for grabs.  All culinary abilities welcome!

Ah, it was SO MUCH FUN to daydream about hanging out with Jessica in her kitchen for a couple of hours today.  Thanks Gill of Realweegiemidgetreviews and Rebecca of Taking Up Room for inviting me to participate in this blogathon. There’s no place like (J.B. Fletcher’s) home…

Love you so much J.B.!  See you soon in Cabot Cove once all of this Covid madness is over!

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