Greetings from Cabot Covid (thanks to Tim from Solve-Along-A-Murder-She-Wrote for that one).

Thursday was the blog’s birthday. For FOURTEEN YEARS I’ve been blogging about movie stars and their favourite recipes. My goodness me, I can hardly believe it.

I sometimes channel Tallulah when I am writing…

I started this blog at a very low point in my life, and it has got me through some very difficult times since. I am so happy to have it as a distraction from real life. As Mark Brisenden put it, “it’s my favourite waste of time.”

This week has been a bit tricky mind-wise. It is beginning to sink in that I am going to be spending a lot of time on my lonesome for a long, long time. This lockdown life is not ending anytime soon. I had slipped into some very bad habits, so on Thursday I decided to push the RESET button (thank you to my chum Carol Anne Rice for the prompt to do so).

With Angela Lansbury as my guide, I spent part of my day doing things that are good for body and soul. If you need a reset, I highly recommend reading Angela’s book cover to cover.

Or better still, watch the book’s accompanying video. I am not being cynical or sarcastic about Positive Moves, this is BRILLIANT STUFF. Angela KNOWS how to be happy and she has kindly shared her life advice with all of us.

I was working from home but I made sure to find time to do some of the things Angela recommends. I did her exercise routine before work (as usual I particularly enjoyed the freestyle dancing at the end) and I had a spin on Angela’s Kitchen Sink Salad for my lunch.

I went into my garden for half an hour just to relax (Angela loves to garden).

and in the evening I did plenty of something that Angela believes is very good for the soul, “puttering”.

With everyone being productive all over the place at the moment, I feel that “busying oneself in an ineffective manner” is the perfect antidote. I just loved my day living like Angela and heartily recommend a day like this to EVERYONE.

Press reset, live like Angela even if only for one day. You might start your day feeling like this…

But you’ll end it feeling like this…

Angela’s recipe is looking for a test cook (if indeed a recipe can look for something…) so skip on over to the Murder, She Cooked test cooking page to nab it. In these strange times it’s perfectly acceptable to make substitutions for any ingredients you can’t currently find. I’m sure Angela calling it a Kitchen Sink Salad gives you carte blanche to put in anything that you have knocking around in the fridge!

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