I wanted to make something to mark the end of the Murder, She Wrote Cookalong and a return to normal life, and this salad was always going to be it.

It was fresh, healthy and delicious. Everything you would expect from a recipe Angela included in her wonderful book Positive Moves and just what I needed after a crazy week trying to get all the feedback into blogposts.

50 volunteer test cooks have sent wonderful feedback and fabulous photos of their movie star dishes and I do so appreciate all the hard work that they have done for the Murder, She Cooked book.

If you volunteered to test something but haven’t got around to rustling up your dish yet, DO NOT WORRY! It would be great to get all feedback in by the end of this year so there’s still plenty of time. Plus, everyone who test-cooks will be sent a special “thank-you” postcard, and you will all want one of these!

It will feature Angela Lansbury’s Kitchen Sink Salad recipe illustrated by the wonderful Miriam Figueras. Here’s a sneaky peek of it under construction…

There are still recipes up for grabs. There were 69 episodes of Columbo and I included around 100 movie star recipes in the Cooking With Columbo book. Well, there are a few more than 69 Murder, She Wrote episodes…

Oh my! As Jessica would say! That is a LOT of recipes…

So here is the list of recipes still to be tested. If you have already tested and wish to test more, go for it! If you are new to this game but fancy being part of the fun, please do join in! I will include feedback from each test cook in the book and you’ll be in the acknowledgments of course.

To nab your recipe just leave a comment below or contact me via this page.

Ron Masak’s Albondigas Soup

William Windom’s Caviar and Grits

Wayne Rogers’ Fish Dish

Howard Duff’s Chinese Chop Suey

Greg Morris’ Ob’s Chicken

William Conrad’s Salmon Pate

Edie Adams’ Ham

Lynda Day George’s Fresh Peach Omelet

Chuck Connors’ New York Steak 

Susan Blanchard’s The Franks’ Chinese Swordfish Wok Dinner

Marsha Hunt’s Ham With Love

Evelyn Keyes’ Cuban Pears 

Connie Stevens’ Chicken Ignolia

Macdonald Carey’s Lemon Chiffon Pie with Graham Cracker Crust

Ian Ogilvy’s Turnip and Onion Soup

Steve Forrest’s Chicken Pilaff

Robert Sterling & Anne Jeffreys’ Cherry Chicken or Chicken Montmorecy

Cesare Danova’s Risotto alla Milanese

Audrey Meadows’ Ratatouille Nicoise

Abby Dalton’s Lamb Stew With Parsley Dumplings

Doug McClure’s St Matthew’s Steak

Gene Nelson’s New England Boiled Dinner

Ernest Borgnine’s Pork Chops a la Tomato

Dorothy Lamour’s Creole Veal Cutlet

Michael Cole’s “I Hate Cole Slaw” Cole Slaw

Kathryn Grayson’s Baked Alaska

Fionnula Flanagan’s Beef and Chicken Curry

Anne Meara’s Pot Roast and Vegetables

Karen Valentine’s Marinated Chicken

Kristy McNichols’s Dessert Crepes

Michael Ansara’s Cheesecake

David Birney’s Chicken Tarragon

Gloria Loring’s Carrot Pudding

Mason Adams’ Veal Marengo With Artichokes

David McCallum’s Landlady From India’s Lamb

Elizabeth Ashley’s Creole Chicken

Elliott Gould’s Western Omelet Supreme

Ken Howard’s Caviar Pie, House of Ken Howard

Jerry Stiller’s Chicken Soup with Kreplach

Ron Leibman’s Hoo-Ha Chicken

Dina Merrill’s Crazy Corn Soup

Vera Miles’ Hot Cakes

Ruta Lee’s Clean-Out-The-Refrigerator Salad

Tige Andrews’ Riz-Norma

Susan Clark’s Peach Salad

Abe Vigoda’s Breakfast Dish

John Kapelos’ Sanokorizo Surprise

Dina Merrill’s Homard au Whisky

Sheila MacRae’s Strawberry Trifle

Carroll Baker’s Baked Chicken

Anne Meara’s Meatballs and Spaghetti

Madlyn Rhue’s Mock Pate de Foie Gras

Sally Kirkland’s Yoghurt Dip With Vegetables

Mike Connors’ Hot Pot Lamb Chops

Martin Jarvis’ Ros and Mart’s Croque

Elizabeth Ashley’s Dirty Rice Dressing

Richard Crenna’s Barbecued Chicken

Jennifer Warren’s Shrimp and Cocktail Sauce

Linda Purl’s Chicken Liver Pate

Kaitlin Hopkins’ Spicy Seafood Chowder

Brett Porter’s Spinach and Chicken Enchiladas

Susan Blakely’s Crispy Chicken

Shirley Knight’s Iced Melon Soup with Champagne and Ginger

Musetta Vander’s South African Yoghurt and Chicken Potjie

Wings Hauser’s Greek Salad

Leann Hunley’s Chilled Asparagus and Vinaigrette

Susan Blakely’s Tahini Dressing

Julia Campbell’s Spicy Black Beans

Billy Gallo’s Vodka Pasta

Christopher Neame’s Kleftico

John Hillerman’s Paella

June Havoc’s Chicken Havoc

Kathleen Nolan’s Chili Stew for 25

PHEW! Now I am going to have a rest for a bit!

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