Here are links to all the recipes that featured on my weekly Murder, She Cooked Substack throughout November and December.  I’m not going to duplicate them on the Silver Screen Suppers blog, so if you are interested in the recipes, just click on the appropriate link.

Edie Adams Boiled Ham and Vegetables Edie

Milton Berle’s Goulash

Angela Lansbury’s Cottage Pie

Lynda Day George’s Fresh Peach Omelet

Cesar Romero’s Pink Summer Cold Soup

Jerry Orbach’s Tough Guys Dessert

Bruce Jenner’s High Jump Pasta Primavera

Ron Masak’s Taco Salad Ole

Linda Blair’s Best English Trifle

I’m stupidly excited about this new project as it’s been great fun rewatching the episodes and writing about them.  It’s all grist to the mill for the book!

If you are interested in test cooking something for the Murder, She Cooked book, I will love you forever and there’s a list of recipes up for grabs here. You don’t have to be a superdooper cook and everyone is welcome.

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