Greetings from Cabot Covid!

It’s a very special recipe of the month this month.  This was tested for the Murder, She Cooked cookbook by a very special person.  Drumroll please! 

The AWESOME Tim Benzie, creator and star of the immersive Solve-along-a-Murder-She-Wrote events.  If you have ever been to one of these you will know that no more fun could be had on a single evening. You’ll be in the presence of hundreds of other Fangelas, howling with laughter at Tim’s interjections throughout an episode screened for your delight.  

The public shows are on hiatus at the moment for obvious reasons but if you are reading this in the Covid-Is-Mended future and you have never been to a Solve-along-a-Murder-She-Wrote, sign up to Tim’s newsletter immediately.  He travels the world with his Jessica Fletcher wig and Suspiciometer plus, you can book him for a private event just as I did for my HEN NIGHT.

Can you imagine it? 18 of us squished all up against each other in ONE ROOM. This was just before the Cabot Covid lockdown and OH MY it was full of wonderfulness… A big blog post is coming about that amazing event coming soon my lovelies! It was PURE JOY!

Until then, here’s the glorious test report from Tim on Angela Lansbury’s very own recipe for a lovely summer pasta dish.  There are still recipes up for grabs to test for the Murder, She Cooked book… 

skip over to this page for more info.  EVERYONE WELCOME TO JOIN IN!

Tim volunteered to cook one of Angela’s own recipes, from her fabulous Positive Moves book…

…and here’s Tim preparing it!

Tim wrote:

“I made this for my husband and I and we were both starving and devoured it very quickly. It’s a very simple dish and quite Italian in that way – but like a good Italian dish it requires very good ingredients to really work. So my tip would be make sure the tomatoes are VERY ripe and fresh. The more delicious the tomatoes, the better this dish.” Tim recommends cooking the sauce for around 30 minutes to reduce it to a sauce and points out that angel hair pasta is known as vermicelli here in the UK.

Thanks a million for testing Tim! Thanks FIVE MILLION for everything you do to spread Murder, She Wrote joy around the world every single day! I am still totally in love with every single second of my Solve-Along-a-Murder-She-Wrote hen do!

Now then, if you love Murder, She Wrote and fancy helping out with the forthcoming cookbook, there are still a few recipes that need testing. You don’t have to be a great cook and all that is required is that you send me your thoughts on the recipe as Tim did with this one. Come on, join in, you know you want to! Leave a comment below with your choice or get in touch via the Contact Page to nab your recipe!

Claude Akins’ Barbecued Honeyed Orange Chicken

Bruce Jenner’s High Jump Pasta Primavera

Chuck Connors’ New York Steak

Wayne Rogers’ Fish Dish

Edie Adams’ Turkey Almond Parmigiano 

Susan Blanchard’s The Franks’ Chinese Swordfish Wok Dinner

Marsha Hunt’s Ham With Love

Robert Sterling & Anne Jeffreys’ Cherry Chicken or Chicken Montmorency

Doug McClure’s St Matthew’s Steak

Anne Meara’s Spectacular Braided Bread

Kristy McNichols’s Dessert Crepes

Mason Adams’ Veal Marengo With Artichokes

Dina Merrill’s Crazy Corn Soup

Tige Andrews’ Riz-Norma

John Kapelos’ Sanokorizo Surprise

Madlyn Rhue’s Mock Pate de Foie Gras

Martin Jarvis’ Ros and Mart’s Croque

Richard Crenna’s Barbecued Chicken

Musetta Vander’s South African Yoghurt and Chicken Potjie

Ken Howard’s Caviar Pie, House of Ken Howard

Richard Yniguez’s Boeuf a la Chicarrone

Christopher Neame’s Kleftico

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