What do you see for me in your crystal ball Ann? Several days of waiting for The Artist to call me on the phone I expect…

I remembered that Ann’s Chili Casserole needed testing for the book so we had that last night and the ladies liked it. We almost polished it off between the three of us and we all liked the flavour imparted by the cloves. I had to make a minor modification to the recipe though. I went up to my local corner shop and asked the nice man if he had any celery. “Stella – yes!” he said, pointing to the beer fridge. “No,” I said, “celery, it’s a vegetable”. He just shook his head and said, “Stella?” again so I used a leek instead.

Mind you, it was an easy mistake to make on his part. I am far more likely to be in that corner shop buying beer than vegetables these days…

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