I’ve got a day off work today and it is bliss.  I’ve got a batch of tea cakes in the oven and I’m still not dressed at 11am.  I’m sure that Anna May would have worn something a little more slinky than a muu muu in the kitchen but there is a certain pleasure in cooking in a kaftan, I don’t know why…

So I’m off to town soon for a meeting with some tele folk and am stopping by at Rosalind’s most hated retail establishment, Confetti on Tottenham Court Road.  I sent her there once on an errand and she was apoplectic with fury at the waif like sales assistants and dreamy eyed customers – it’s a wedding shop.  She phoned me up ranting and raving about all the nonsense wedding favours and table settings and nick-nackery people were spending thousands of pounds on for their nuptials.  But they do sell clear cellophane bags that I like to put my Silver Screen Suppers gifts in.

I didn’t have time to make Janet Gaynor’s Ice Box Cookies to take today, and as these guys look pretty rock and roll from their website I have made tea cakes in skull and crossbones paper cases instead.  Kerrang!

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