Charley and Corinna came round for din dins last night and it was just lovely.  I’d been so looking forward to catching up with them both.  Anna’s dish was good, but not as good as the time I made it for Edmund.  I think I should have used more garlic so I’ll put that in the recipe.  Poor Charley got a right ear bashing from me and C about not taking his holidays.  He’s got 15 days to take before April.  I wish I had!  I’d probably just potter around The Palace of Solitude for three weeks in my pyjamas, heaven.

The three of us are in an interesting place at the moment, all dating people that we like and who seem to like us.  Pretty unusual for all three of us to have something going at the same time.  I expect that we’ll all still end up in the home together at the end, chucking bits of duck at each other and watching Laurel and Hardy movies from our high backed chairs.

We had a drunken conversation about whether we were becoming codependant.  I liked Corinna’s view on it.  It’s about closeness.  We all care about each other and are very lucky that we have this friendship.

I’m pleased to announce that the tax return is FILED.  For all those who will be struggling with it this week here is the annual mention of Carole Lombard’s opinion on income tax: “Every cent anybody pays in tax is spent to benefit him. There’s no better place to spend it. I enjoy this country and I really think I get my money’s worth.”  Yes!

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