There is a mini Vesuvius erupting in my oven. I decided to make Ruth a birthday cake using Anna May Wong’s Tea Cake recipe. I made twice the mixture and instead of making individual muffin type cakes, bunged it all in a cake tin. As Sidney and I waited for the spare ribs to come out of the oven I noticed it was rising in the tin like a round loaf of eggy bread.

Sidney suggested placing the cake tin on a baking tray and I nearly resisted his practical advice. When I had a look just now it had exploded, flowing down the sides of the tin and collecting around the bottom like a fluffy petticoat. I have popped some foil over the top and will hope for the best.

As Della Reese puts it “It’s so nice to have a man around the house”, while I was making the cake, Sidney fixed four pairs of sunglasses and one brooch that have been in my mending box for a donkey’s age…

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