“I see no reason why Chinese and English people should not kiss on the screen, even though I prefer not to.”
I saw an Anna May Wong film at the NFT on Thursday night. It’s the first time I’ve seen her in a TALKIE. A very low, very posh voice indeed. I thought she was wonderful. OOH and the frocks! It was a “quota quickie” made in England in 1934 – what on earth would people have made of such an exotic beauty in Buckinghamshire at that time I wonder.It’s pretty posh out here I must say. And I have been seduced by the cook-porn that is found in the David Shuttle Cook Shop. I got the same kind of headrush that I get in stationary emporiums as I browsed the Le Crueset saucepans and slicing gadgets. There was a beautiful whisk in there that I was tempted to buy and also some gorgeous little pots for making “eggs en coqcoutte” but I resisted. What has come over me? Is this a side effect of the singleton life? A withdrawal symptom due to two weeks of celibacy?

What I DID buy was the thing I have seen mentioned in LOADS of the film star recipes from the 1930s and that is a “double boiler”. I’ve been making do with a soup bowl and a saucepan up until now, but it is time to INVEST. I shall be making another batch of Ida’s Mousse to leave in the freezer for my host and hostess PLUS some similar coffee flavoured iced desert by Ginger Rogers both of which use the double boiler method.

Rita’s daughter and her lovely boyfriend are in residence for the weekend and I shall be preparing them a meal of a Clark Gable pork dish followed by a desert by Claudette Colbert this evening. Then I shall try and persuade them that watching “It Happened One Night” would be much more fun than Celebrity Big Brother. We shall see…

When are you going to make Anna’s Tea Cakes Miss Sweetheart of Song?

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