Oh friends and fellow laptop owners.  Do not do what I did and tip a whole cup of coffee into your keyboard.  Woe is me.  It was like slow motion…  I saw it topple, I lunged towards it like Gordon Banks, I was too late.  Result?  “Everything below the waist is KAPUT!”  So please bear with me if you are waiting for recipes, updates on my lovelife or just anything computer related at all.  I appeal to all the stars of MGM to help the Mac Guru retrieve SOME of my stuff on Sunday…

Anyhow, it is lunch hour at work and I’ve been meaning to report on the lovely Grace’s baking exploits.  She made a batch of AMW Tea Cakes recently and being the Kitchen Goddess that she is, put a nice twist on them.  She added some red food colouring and baked them in heart and star shaped muffin tins.  She also added caraway seeds, to “add a little pazazz to a simple cake mix”.  What a crazy lady!  I cannot share the comment she made about what exactly happened to them in the oven because it is just too rude for a public forum!  There is a lovely photo of the chef with her cakes sporting the very latest in fashionable aprons right here.

I shall miss her TREMENDOUSLY since she just moved from just around the corner in Camden to fashionable Essex seaside spot Leigh on Sea.  Can’t wait for our get together for the Royal Wedding out there where we all plan to dress up as royalty.  I’m going for Princess Margaret in a kaftan a la Mustique.  Fag in one hand and a gin and tonic in the other…

Back ups my lovelies.  Back everything up!  Get your robust back up system in place right now!

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