Oh the Russian Sandwich is a thing of great beauty! I cannot WAIT for an unsuspecting guest to be at my house one lunchtime so I can ask the question, “would you care for a sandwich?” then disappear into the kitchen to make one of these TOWERING SPECTACULAR CIRCULAR SANDWICHES!

Basically you need 6 circular pastry cutters which are smaller and smaller in circumference. You cut circles from bread then spread and top with ingredients in this order as the bread circles get smaller. 1 – jam, 2 – cream cheese, 3 – cooked chicken, lettuce and mayonnaise, 4 – a slice of tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise, 5 – a slice of cucumber, lettuce and mayonnaise. Put the last and tiniest slice on top. Put a small piece of fruit and a stuffed olive on top of the whole tower of pisa and secure everything with toothpicks.

SUPERB! That made me so very, very happy as I sort of knew it would. A thing of beauty is a joy forever… It’s quite something to try and eat it without getting cheese, jam and mayonnaise all over your face but a guaranteed talking point for greedy guests!

Apparently Gary Cooper hated Anna Sten so much that behind her back he would refer to her as “Anna Stench.” Well I for one don’t like Gary Cooper if that is his attitude to the woman who introduced me to the Scooby Snack of Silver Screen Suppers!

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