I hear that it’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month so I made my first one EVER last night to celebrate…  I guess in the UK we’d call this a Cheese Toastie, although I’ve never cooked one in a frying pan before.  Only in my mum’s Breville sandwich toaster, back in the early 1980s…


I guess confusion arises over the different meanings of grilled here in the UK and the States.  I would personally call this a FRIED Cheese Sandwich but it wouldn’t sound as nice would it?

Anne’s recipe is basically this.  Put some cheese on a piece of bread, then put some sliced Mexican chili on it.  Sprinkle over a pinch of chili powder and a pinch of cumin powder and a little salt.  Put another slice of bread on top and fry it both sides in tonnes of butter and a little cooking oil.  It was, as you might expect, totally delicious.  Oh MMMMM!


It’s difficult to get Mexican chilis here, but luckily for me, Heather and Nathan brought me back a little haul of things I’d been hankering after, from their trip to the States.  Including a couple of tins of Hatch chilis.  Nathan wouldn’t let me pay him what I owed, but only on condition that I NEVER make him something that has Cheddar Cheese Soup in it.  This, my lovelies is for a BETTE DAVIS recipe.  Now, who shall I inflict that upon?!


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