I had a rotten hangover on Saturday, so making muffins was a bit of a therapeutic affair.  This recipe is from my chum Greg’s book Recipes for Rebels – In the Kitchen With James Dean.  

I just loved the fact that he was making these on Saturday too, and we exchanged photos of our progress throughout the day.  Greg’s in Greece and I’m in England, so it was a mini international cook-along! I’ve never made muffins before (to Brits these are muffins, no need for the English prefix) so this was great fun.

I made these to house the William Shatner Deluxe Hamburgers I was making later in the evening.  I pledged the following in the Cooking With Columbo cookbook about William’s burgers, “As soon as this book is published, I am going to celebrate by making these.”  I like to keep my promises, and although the official book launch date is not until tomorrow, if you can keep a secret, I will tell you.  It IS published. Aaaaaaargggg!  Five years in the making folks!  More details tomorrow…

Anyhow, here are the muffins.  They were soooooooo tasty.

Mr Rathbone LOVED them and when he got home from work, he told me a story about how his first girlfriend’s folks often had muffins around the place but he didn’t often get them at home.  He’s a muffin man for sure!

I will definitely make these again, they were gorgeous with a bit of butter, great with the burgers and fab with a great big Sunday morning fry-up.

A post about the burgers to follow…

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