What a lovely, lovely, lovely present to receive in the post.


This gift came from my dear friend Mark Brisenden, from the estate of Mr Pointon.  It is glorious.  Firstly, because there are so many appealing recipes within, and secondly because Annie Ross is a funny writer.  Her style reminds me a bit of my much loved Peg Bracken.

When I opened up the jiffy bag to find this book, Mr Rathbone was in residence, and he immediately gave me a run down on Annie Ross, I admit, I knew nothing about her.  Mr R of course knew all about her singing career, and when he got home, he sent me this.

Best known for her JAZZ, luckily for me, Annie was in a few movies too.  Hence, she can appear on this here blog.

Annie in Superman III

On what was predicted to be the hottest day in the UK (it got there too – 40℃ which is 104℉ in old money) I got into the kitchen at 6am to make this potato salad.  I figured that as I was boiling a kettle, I might as well get a hard-boiled egg and some potatoes on too.  By 6.30am the sweat was pouring down my face, off the tip of my nose, and into the potato salad.  Appetising eh?

But I figured this would just be for me, myself and I so that’s OK.  Alongside the Van Johnson Salmon Salad, this got me through the hottest days of the heatwave.  I made half of Annie’s recipe, and I reckon there were 4-5 generous portions.  The whole batch would therefore serve 8-10.

This was delicious, but didn’t knock Robert Quarry’s Texas Potato Salad off the perch of my favourite celebrity potato salad.

This one had lots of mayo and sour cream though, so if you like a super creamy potato salad, this one might be more to your liking.

I devised a bit of a shortcut as I wanted to spend as little time as possible in my boiling hot kitchen.  I began by making the vinaigrette in the bowl I was going to mix everything in.

I eyeballed the amount of sour cream as who knows how much a carton was in the US in 1972? Mayo on right, sour cream on left.

I bunged all the other ingredients in.  Because it was so hot, I didn’t completely peel my potatoes.  I know that probably peeled potatoes soak up more of the dressing, but I do so love potato skins so was happy to have them in there.

Who was Fred?  I do not know, I’ll have to read Annie’s book cover to cover to find out!

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