Apparently yesterday was International Carrot Day – have you got any around the place?  Now is the time to cook ’em up! It’s been a while since there’s been a FAIL in the Silver Screen Suppers kitchen and this wasn’t a total write-off but it wasn’t as delicious as I was picturing it to be.  It was partly my fault as I totally missed an ingredient (the milk) but also it would have been hard for this to match the deliciousness of a similar thing called Creamy Carrot Bake from the Hemsley & Hemsley Good & Simple cookbook which I LOVE WITH A PASSION.

I regularly have loads of carrots in my fridge because I need one or two for a recipe (in this case Eartha Kitt’s Crocked Rabbit With Winter Vegetables) and the smallest bag I can get hold of via my grocery delivery service is 1 kilo.  The rest sit there in the fridge going hairy and developing black spot while I stress about when I will have a chance to do something with them.  I scoured the movie star recipe spreadsheet and landed upon this little number which sounded good (excuse scribbles).

Alas, it was just WEIRD, and as I never waste food, there are now about 10 slices of it hanging around in my freezer.  Goodness knows when I will fancy them.

But in the spirit of sharing my fails as well as my victories, I bring you the Carrot Loaf.

Thanks Arthur Brest EX-Movie Star AKA George K. Arthur.

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