Last night I had the best meal of my life.  After it was all over, I was in a kind of dumbstruck food shock state.  Everything had been so wonderful, I eventually announced: “That’s the best meal I have ever eaten that I paid for myself!” but after obsessing about it ever since, I have reconsidered.  It was the best meal I have ever had FULL STOP.

The esteemed Guild of Food Writers had an event of such divine magnitude, I am certain that I’ll never experience anything like it again.  Not only was I surrounded by a bevy of lovely friendly food professionals, there was a non stop taste sensation barrage going on, with lashings of a dozen delicious Danish beers to try too.

There was a veritable banquet of tasty bits and pieces for us to feast on even before the 5 course meal…

Awaiting the mushroom bouillon


Posh pork scratchings!

The butter on the right is horseradish butter – the butter on the left has finely chopped chicken fat in it – oh yes!

Thinly layered (milles feuilles) apples and smoked speck with Danish caviar and hazelnuts

Limfjord oysters in mussel juice and oil, served with potatoes, sour pearls and dill

Veal shanks, served with tiny cabbages and parsley with ramson (the couple sitting on the end of my table took the bone home for their Chihuahua!)

Havgus and Hallands Himmel cheeses, crunchy herbs and raw vegetables, roasted buckwheat

Overripe pears, aquavit and seawater

The genius chef was Claus Henriksen of Dragsholm Slot.  His restaurant in a CASTLE near Copenhagen. Oh my!

Every course (and the bits before and after) were accompanied by perfectly matched beers by the Mikkeller Brewery – very tricky to pick a favourite as they were all gorgeous.  Maybe the beetroot beer…?

As I ate and drank every single thing that was put in front of me, I was a bit nervous about getting on the scales this morning, to my amazement I was exactly the same weight as before.  So for this, and all of the above I hereby announce that Danish food ROCKS and Danish beer ROCKS.

If only Asta Nielsen had been there, she would have loved it I am sure.  I think she may be sipping on a precursor to the Mikkeller “Geek Vanilla Shake, Imperial Stout with Vanilla” that we sampled alongside our pud!  What a night…

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