Ooh, this was a weird one.  Mixing an egg in with the mince then baking it before covering it with the chilli mixture and baking it again.  This resulted in a kind of thin brick of meat with tomatoey stuff on top.  Not a great success.

Ben was very polite and ate his full portion.  I try and ask dinner guests in advance if there is anything they don’t eat.  I love the fact that Ben once told me that he would eat anything that someone else had made for him, even if it was poison.  Ha ha.  Well, I wasn’t very pleased with Barton’s chilli but I guess it wasn’t poisonous.

I am clearing the decks this week in preparation for my big new writing project so I’m tying up lots of loose ends including finishing the socks I started knitting for an ex about 4 years ago.  Here is the self-striping symbol of a two fingered salute:

And here is Barton:

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