During the first UK lockdown of the pandemic, me and Mr R made Friday night videos of the movie star cocktails we made when all the pubs were closed. It was loads of fun and we stuck all the videos on YouTube if you fancy having a look.

Lots of cocktails were named after movie stars in the early days of Hollywood, notably the Mary Pickford, the  Champagne Cocktail Gloria Swanson and the Shirley Temple.

The origins of this Bette Davis beverage are unclear.  I discovered it on a very strange website and it is effectively a GOOGLEWHACK.  That’s to say, it’s the only spot I can find it listed, which in itself is a bit strange.

The cocktail formula too is odd, as there’s a measurement missing…

This sentence is a bit vague “Bette Davis can be served with different ingredients in different places” plus the website itself is very odd, there are hundreds of cocktails I have never heard of.

I can come to no other conclusion than the whole kit and caboodle has been generated by A.I.

Also, many of the cocktails have VERY rude names so I’m wondering if the whole thing is a cover for some kind of naughty business.  Visit at your peril – https://homedrinkmenu.com/drink-recipe/bette-davis

So how was the cocktail?  We liked it!  We decided to try it with equal measures of lime, schnapps and vodka and it was delicious.  Not too sharp, not too sweet.  Thank you computer generated cocktail recipe!

Naturally, I was happy to have an excuse to buy a bottle of whisky that came with a totally unexpected fancy bag to keep it in AND a box too.

Regal or what?!

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