Bette Davis
Bette looks how I feel. Mildly pissed off that her marmalade yet again hasn’t set. I am beginning to come to the conclusion that it must be the ratio of fruit to sugar that’s to blame rather than my technique. I’m going to have to do some research on preserves. It was nice to have Paulette’s lovely big copper preserving pan in to make it but I do feel like I have wasted the whole day standing over a pan of bubbling sugary fruit…

Alongside wasting time doing that I have YET AGAIN been wasting my time waiting for the phone to ring. Spoke to Mr Mayfair on Thursday and agreed to meet this evening. 5pm and still no call. Has he forgotten? Or is this just his style? Well whatever (as the teenagers say), I’m going to go for a swim, watch a movie and blow a raspberry in his general direction. He’d better not come up with some cock and bull story…

I am getting some comfort from the fact that a newly purchased moth box seems to be doing its work. I can see three moths from where I am sitting and they are all in the general vicinity of the moth motel. I predict that when I get back from my swim there will be three less of the critters to worry about. In general I like animals but the moth is the enemy of the knitter and my wardrobe is full of beautiful hand-knits so death to the moth!

Update – it is now 22.15pm and no phone call – should I consider that being stood up?!

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