Ah, the website has returned from its holiday at the seaside.  I was getting worried there.  5 years of blogging, over 500 posts about hundreds of film star recipe experiments – I thought it had all gone for ever.  I shall be lavishing care and attention upon the site now it is back.

I made my third batch of BD Marmalade last week and I made one modification to the recipe in order to get it to set.  Half a bottle of Certo.

It has definitely helped, although I’m still not 100% happy with my marmalade.  When I get a new ribbon for my typewriter I am going to write a good old fashioned letter to Pam “the Jam” Corbin to ask her what she thinks of the proportions of fruit to water & sugar in Bette’s recipe.  She may be able to throw some light on where I am going wrong…

Here is the jar I’m going to be sending to Ameriki!  Lauren Hairston was one of the two winners in my recent competition and I’m going to send her a little package of goodies soon…

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