Last night I was eating grade 11 wagyu beef and tonight it was corned beef hash.  That is just the way I roll!

there has been no jiggery pokery Instagram style with this picture – that is exactly the colour it was – it’s got BEETROOT in it.  Was it weird?  Yes.  Was it tasty?  Yes.  Was it as tasty as the wagyu?  No.

Because I don’t think anything could ever be as tasty as the wagyu.  It has beaten into second place the slow roasted pork belly at Nobu.  I was at the Guild of Food Writers beef tasting workshop hosted by Sophie’s Steakhouse in Covent Garden.  Could there possibly be anything better?  Especially when the lovely man from The Vintner kept topping up the three wines we were tasting with the beef.

I had to have my eyes closed when I was eating the wagyu and later, when we had sampled all five of the divine slabs of steak I chatted to the MC of the whole evening who knew everything there was to know about steak.  He said that the perfect steak had initial succulence plus longevity and said he’d be able to tell what kind of woman I was from which of the 5 was my favourite.  When I said C (at that point it hadn’t been revealed which was which) he said, “you love the kiss but not the follow through”.  Cheeky beggar.  But maybe he is right.

So for succulence plus longevity here is Bette’s recipe exactly as written.  I changed the ratio of ingredients a bit (less beetroot) but otherwise I copied La Davis as closely as I could.

Bette Davis’ Red Flannel Hash

2 cups cooked corned beef

3 cups cold boiled potatoes

1 1/2 cups cooked beets

Chop all these ingredients.  Season and moisten with cream.  Put into hot buttered ironware frying pan, stir and spread evenly.  Brown slowly over medium heat.  Serve with poached eggs on top.

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