I’ve launched a new THING over on Substack today.  A virtual reality star-spangled dinner and a movie club.

It is something I’ve wanted to do for ages, and now it exists.  So exciting. Come and join us!

Everyone is welcome, wherever you are in the world, whether you are an expert in classic movies or a newbie, an experienced chef or a “can’t cook, won’t cook” type.  It’s just for the fun of it!

I’ve just announced the first film and dish – All About Eve and Bette Davis’ Corned Beef Hash – so if you fancy joining the club, skip over here to read all about it

This post is all about the recipe for those folks who would like more info about how to make Bette’s dish.  If you are new to the kitchen, or someone who weighs ingredients rather than measures by volume, this is the post for you.

Here’s Bette’s recipe.

Bette doesn’t say how many this recipe would serve but I halved it for two portions so I would say the whole shebang would serve four.  Also, don’t worry if you don’t have an ironware frying pan/skillet, I do mine in a bog standard frying pan and it always turns out great.

Here’s how much I use for a 2 serving version – 245g corned beef, 210g potatoes, 100g beetroot.  I use about 70g double cream which is about 1/3 cup.

My tips would be to cut all your ingredients into similar sized chunks

and don’t muck around with it too much once it goes in the frying pan so as not to break up the corned beef into itty-bitty bits (unless that’s the way you prefer it).  Turn it gently a couple of times rather than constant stirring.  Use as much cream as you like, 70g is about right for me.  It will make nice crispy edges on all the bits and bobs. I like my hash with LASHINGS of black pepper.

It’s not the prettiest of dishes but it is utterly DELICIOUS!

If you make Bette’s Hash do get in touch via the contact form or hashtag me in if you post pix on social media – if you use #dinnerandamovie and #silverscreensuppers I should spot your creations.


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