Most contemporary chefs would be alarmed at the amount of time Bette cooked her scallops for (30 minutes parboiled then 10-15 minutes under the grill) and I was a bit concerned they would be chewy, but they turned out fine.  Here are before and after shots of the bacon-y little tidbits.

I am already mildly addicted to checking the new dating site I have joined.  Had a really nice chat via the ether with a lovely man who is a 78rpm dealer – what a shame I am in London and he is in Texas!

I like this new site – and not just because it is free.  It does the psychometric testing thing but in a much more fun way than eHarmony.  Questions are things like “Can anything be made the subject of a joke?” but also things like this:

In the line Wherefore art thou Romeo?, what does wherefore mean?

  • Why
  • Where
  • How
  • Who cares / wtf?

Ha ha.  I made a schoolgirl error and got it wrong.  The correct answer was explained to me by someone I am going on a date with on Tuesday.  I do like men who know their Shakespeare – even when I so obviously don’t.

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