“I am just too much.”

Ah, the beans were a great success. Rosalind even had two portions. John G (her ex) said they were good but he wasn’t sure why they had to have been cooking for 8 hours. Made the whole flat smell of molasses though which on the whole was a good thing. It was pelting with rain all day and we were all very jaded after a late night carousing at the Eurovision party. We spent our time lying on the floor gazing at the television or standing in the kitchen grazing on all manner of comfort food.

Walnut Whips were in evidence as were onion and goats cheese tarts from Marks and Spencer and some miniature onion bhajis (as Rosalind pointed out as the oven was “on” we might as well have some snacks to keep us going). To sip throughout the day Rosalind invented what she called “White Trash Pimms” which involved sherry, lemonade and mint. I can’t remember the last Sunday I managed to pack away so much grub and booze. Mourning the end of my romance with salty snacks and sweet alcoholic beverages I suppose.

When the beans were ready we had them with fresh Lincolnshire asparagus (from Berwick Street market – big bunch for a pound) and Lincolnshire sausages. Although the original Rosalind Russell hails from Connecticut, mine is from the lovely English county of Lincolnshire – hence the county based foodstuffs. The beans were sweet and perfectly cooked and although the bacon had shrivelled up to a shadow of its former porky self it added to the general flavour. The film was enjoyed by all even though the pair of them were snoozing half way through like two old folks in the retirement home. It was a proper lazy Sunday with a proper beanfeast.

15 minutes after going to bed Rosalind popped her head around the door to report that it was “blowing a gale” in her bedroom. I know exactly what she meant…

As soon as I can work out how to get a side page I will put the recipe on the blog. The bean baton now passes to the Frickster – get cooking baby!

Click on this link for the recipe for Bette’s Boston Baked Beans – at the bottom of the post.

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