Recipe of the month is up.  I’m already worrying about when I might find the time and the company to make this.  Got a crazy month with two holiday weekends.  This weekend is the WI JAM FESTIVAL in Oxfordshire.  We have submitted one of the jars of Gloria Swanson’s Bar-Le-Duc (thousands of pips picked out by hand with a goose quill) for the “Celebrity Jam” category.  I’m not sure if we’ll be disqualified as I think they mean jams made BY a celebrity but we shall see.  Trix has entered the “Man Jam” category with his amazing Mango Morning jelly.  We are over-excited.

Following weekend is my annual romantic mini-break with Heather.  We started this about 8 years ago when we were both single and jealous of our coupled friends going on mini-breaks with their boyfriends.  Every October we take ourselves off somewhere for copious food, booze and gossiping.  Last year’s trip was so fantastic we are going to the same place this year – The Gellert.  I am SO excited, not least by the promise of two Gellert breakfasts a day.  Get up, have magnificent breakfast, go for a swim, have another…

Maybe Silver Screen Sunday this month should be a Bette Davis themed lunch then I could make this.  Will ponder it.  Fab photos of last month’s Silver Screen Sunday are now on the Flickr site – what a treat of a day.

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