“It’s loud, it’s cheap, it’s gaudy.
It’s like everything I’ve ever done – I LOVE IT!”


Well, Betty’s pickles were sampled on Boxing Day with a large amount of cheese and cold meats. My mum, as always, was very polite and said, “I would class these as an acquired taste” and they were certainly unusual as pickles go. I pronounced them to be “clovetastic” as they smelt and tasted like a visit to the dentist. But many thanks go out to Cary who had the patience to make them for us and I’ll ask him what he REALLY thought of them when I see him next.

Christmas was LOVELY. Just me, my folks and 2 waifs and strays who couldn’t get to their family because of the snow. My favourite part of Christmas Day was when we all had a “zizz”, as my dad calls it, after lunch. He set the alarm so that we could have an hour and a half of shut eye and wake up in time for a game of Walkers Whist before Poirot. Ha ha – a trad Christmas alright!

And today I must rush as I have Rosalind, Jimmy and Charley coming round for rissoles…


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