Nathalie thought this would be a savoury bread but it turned out to be a cake.  No matter, it was really delicious.  I think this could be the way forward for me and cakes.  Cakes made with vegetables in.  Yes.

I really, really liked this.  I have a piece of Ottolenghi’s Semolina, Marmalade and Coconut cake hanging around the place which everyone raved about, but I am much more looking forward to my leftover bit of zucchini bread.

There was discussion about whether Bill would qualify as a Silver Screen Suppers star.  OK, he is most well known for being in TV stuff such as the Incredible Hulk but actually, he was in Irma La Douce  so I say yes.

Thanks Bill, you big hulk you.  I like your bready cake.

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