These were the last things I made for the party. The guests were already arriving, and I was already drinking Vincent Price Tonics and New Fashioneds, so I missed part of the recipe.  After mixing the peanut butter into the cooked rice and making them into little footballs, I should have dipped them in egg and rolled them in cracker crumbs and then fried them.  Instead, I just fried them up in butter, and actually, I thought they were nice as they were…

As mentioned in previous post, these were Hannah’s favourites.  Cathy’s verdict was that they were “lacking something” – yes – the egg and cracker crumbs!

This is now my favourite MOST INCONGRUOUS film star recipe.  Bill Boyd?  Yes.  Hopalong Cassidy?  Yes.  Favourite recipe chilli?  Like every other cowboy film star?  No.  Peanut Butter Croquettes.

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