Billie Burke sent me a secret message on a packet of cheese recently. It was pure chance I spotted it because let’s face it who usually reads the back of a cheese packet? It was on the wrapping of a big chunk of Davidstow Cheddar.

This is the cheddar I always buy after I had some at Battenburgbelle’s house, I love it. But I have never noticed the secret messages. Are there others, or is this the only one?!

I said out loud, “Well I never!” and showed it to Mr R saying, “I nearly didn’t notice it!” His response was, “I’m not surprised. You don’t expect to find philosophy on your cheese.” Indeed you don’t.

I took her secret message as a nudge to make a Billie Burke recipe. Hence…

In these strange days of lockdown, I am very much enjoying taking time to arrange salad bits and bobs in a festive way, even though it’s just me, myself and I eating them. So this was fun to put together. I was worried I had overdone it with the cayenne pepper, but it was fine.

I used one of the eggs that was left without its sausage casing from the Tessie O’Shea Scotch Eggs I made for the recent social bubble picnic and the whole kit and caboodle was utterly delicious.

I will ALWAYS look at the back of cheese packets in future. Thank you Davidstow and thank you Billie. I totally agree with your philosophy. Age is indeed of no importance unless you are a cheese.

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