Sunday morning and I have Bing’s Turkey and Eggs in the oven for my breakfast.  I’ve gone all fancy and am attempting to cook them in an edible container – ie a piece of bread that I’m hoping will go all toasty.  We shall see…

Today I am planning a big spring clean of Silver Screen Suppers towers.  Next Saturday marks the first anniversary of the day I moved here and I’m having a little gathering.  I’ve invited all the people who kindly lugged the entire contents of my lock-up up four flights of stairs.  As it is the day after what would have been Vincent Price’s 100th birthday I’ll be making a buffet of Vincent Price party food – including the legendary cucumber crocodile.  There will be a screening of Theatre of Blood after dinner.  I am already excited.

Ooh, the little breadpots of turkey and eggs were delicious!  Here’s a picture of them just before I scoffed them.

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