Mmm.  This was a perfect Sunday brunch to have in bed with The Archers.  After a long discussion with Gordon about the fact that even though I’ve been listening to it for years I didn’t know what any of the characters actually looked like, I stumbled upon this in a charity shop yesterday:

so now I do.  Particularly pleased to see that the actress that plays my favourite character Lillian Bellamy goes by the name of Sunny Ormonde – of course!  She has my favourite voice and uttered my favourite Archers line to impersonate ever: “How’s my favourite vicar?”  Mind you, the breathless phrase uttered by Ruth Archer during a passionate embrace with a man who wasn’t her husband, “stolen kisses in the cowshed” was pretty good too.

I’m doing some classic procrastinating when I really should be doing my tax return…  Bing’s recipe was very good – especially with nice thick slices of turkey from the deli rather than Bernard Matthews slithers.  The two eggs and two turkey slices per person suggested by Bing was too much for me though so I only ate half.  I eat like a bird you know…

I wonder what the leftovers will taste like cold for lunch?  Thanks Bing.  Yum yum.


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